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St. Mary's Food Bank

Location:  3890 W. State Street
Open:   Monday, Wednesday and Friday (Closed on Holidays)
Hours:  12 p.m. to 3 p.m.
(One visit per family per month.)

About the Food Bank

The St. Mary's Food Bank is sponsored by the church and also receives support from other organizations and individuals in the community.  The food bank serves clients in areas with the following zip codes:  part of 83702, all of 83703 and 83714.  These zip codes cover (roughly) from North 16th Street as far south as Main; and west, including Garden City.

The Idaho Foodbank and El Ada provide much of the food we distribute to our clients; however, we also receive important support from St. Mary's parishioners, and the St. Mary's and Bishop Kelly schools.  St. Mary's schoolchildren bring donated food items to one weekly Mass per month, and Bishop Kelly High School shares a portion of the food donated in their annual food drive.  In addition to these sources of funds and donated items, the food bank staff applies for any grants that may be available to help purchase additional food or other necessities.

Volunteers manage and staff the food bank.  This team of volunteers performs nearly all the activities required to run an organization that provided food to over 21,000 people in the past year.  (See detailed statistics below.)

A volunteer receptionist on each shift welcomes each client and records their visit.   Other volunteers pack food boxes and fill sacks with perishables such as bread, meat, eggs and butter).  The amount of food given to each client is determined by family size.   

Volunteers also build many of the furnishings the food bank needs to support its operation.  Examples of this donated labor can be seen in the picture at the right and the picture in the section below.  In addition to building furnishings, the food bank volunteers did most of the remodeling required for the opening of the new facility.  Click here to see pictures of the remodeling project.

In addition to food, children’s books are provided monthly by St. Vincent de Paul as part of their “Book Blitz” program.   Parishioners also donate miscellaneous toiletry items:  soap, tooth paste, lotions,  shampoo, etc.  Clients are always happy to find these items on our shelf when they visit.  


Would you like to volunteer
?  Please call Isabell Yale (850-6818) for more information.


Other volunteer activities include:

· Managing volunteer staff schedules 

· Taking inventory of stock on hand

· Ordering food

· Purchasing food

· Stocking shelves 

· Cleaning and maintaining the facility 

· Building shelves and other items that are needed for day-to-day activities

Food Bank Statistics

The food bank staff began using an electronic database to record client visit information mid-year of 2004.  The earliest complete statistics available prior to 2005 were for 1989, and that figure is being used as a benchmark in the graph below. 








Would you like to help?


There are several ways:

If you would like to sponsor a food (which means you would be willing to bring the food you have selected to the food bank each month), or volunteer to work at the food bank, please call Isabell Yale, the food bank manager, at
(208) 850-6818. 

If you prefer to donate money, you can put your donation in the collection plate during Mass. 

If you can sponsor a food, please consider one of the food items listed below:


Food Items Needed

Your generosity is very important to the families who come to the food bank for help.  Please consider volunteering, donating food or making a collection plate donation.


New Facility Remodeling Project

Refinishing the Floors was a BIG Project



And When They Were Done......!


Building the furnishings - Working on the New Shelves


Building the Tables for the Cold Pack Room and Benches for Reception Area

Finished Floor with New Donated Carpet in Cold Pack Room

The Finished Cold Pack Room

The Finished Boxing Room

Another View of the Boxing Room

Thank you! to all those who worked so hard to remodel and refurnish our new facility!